The Wudang martial arts sometimes referred to as Wudang Kung Fu are martial arts collections that had originated from the Wudang Mountain from the Central parts of China.  It’s Taoists martial arts that are recognized globally but it’s actually different from the equally popular Shaolin Kung Fu.
The Wudang Kung Fu is a specialized martial arts form that enjoys the same position with the Shaolin Kung Fu in China, thus goes the popular saying in China that, pay respect to Shaolin Kung Fu training in the North and pay your respect to Wudang Kung Fu in the South. The Wudang martial art is able to follow Taoism. Taoists follow a philosophy that maintains that one train’s kung fu for the pursuit of good health preservation and longevity plus for self-defense when need be. 
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Wudang Kung Fu is understood to have been founded by a local Taoist by the name Zhang Sanfeng. There is a widespread legend that has been passed down about the Taiji fist. It says that there existed an outstanding man during the Chinese Ming Dynasty by the name if Zhang Sanfeng who had excelled highly in martial arts.
The Taiji boxing later developed quickly to include different styles today including Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun styles boxing competitions. Indeed, thus it’s a very popular Kung Fu which popular among the Chinese mostly after the unification. Today it has grown to include ancient nutrition, defense and offense kung fu and other forms of alchemy. Hence, it has been able to ensure inner strength and bridge between hardness and softness and in changing positions according to circumstance.
 Nowadays, Wudang Taoism federations offered more than 28 schools of Wudang boxing forms, 17 schools of Wudang weapon forms, and 9 schools inner Chi kung,such as:


 Yin Yang Ba Gua Chang 
 WudangTaiyi Five Element Boxing
 Wudang Pure-Yang Boxing 
 Wudang Sword 
 WudangTaichi Boxing 
 Taihe Boxing 
 Wudang Heavenly-Gate Chikung.
 Wudang Moon-Watching Chikun
 Wudang Southern School,etc.
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