The payment is divided into two parts:
One time online nonrefundable application fee: USD $50. 
The following tuition fee, which includes training, food, accommodation (per person per room with internet access), administration fee, washing machine and access to martial arts weapons. The longer you stay here, the cheaper each month becomes. Length of your stay Cost
Less than one month$35 per day 
One calendar month $750 
Two calendar months $1400 
Three calendar months $2000 
Four calendar months $2500 
Five calendar months $3000 
Six calendar months $3400 
Seven calendar months $3800 
Eight calendar months $4100 
Nine calendar months $4400 
Ten calendar months $4600 
Eleven calendar months $4800 
One calendar year $4900
The tuition fee can be paid in US Dollars, RMB, Euro, GB Pounds or any other currencies, but it should be the same amount in US Dollars currency according to the exchange rate at our local Bank of China when we withdraw your payment from the bank. We will stick to the principle of "refund for any overpayment or a supplemental payment for any deficiency". (N.B. The exchange rate may fluctuate slightly. This is beyond our control.)
Comments from students about the tuition fees Additional charges
Assistance with visa extensions will be provided at cost. Please check with your embassy for an indication of what this charge may be. (Please be advised, your local embassy/consulate can only give you an indication of these prices. They will vary due to local government pricing systems)
Pick-up from and delivery to Yantai airport, Yantai railway station or Yantai bus station is free of charge.
How to pay
Please pay the USD 50 Dollars application fee by bank transfer when you submit your application form, one to two months before you come to the school. Once you have paid your application fee, please e-mail us with the date of the transfer and the name of the person who transferred the money so we can confirm receipt of the transaction. As stated above, this application fee is non-refundable. Returning students are not required to pay an application fee.
 The tuition fee for the length of your intended stay should be paid in full within one week of arrival at the school. We can accept this in cash but it is probably more convenient for everyone if this is also done by bank transfer.
A/C NUMBER: 228603456022
TEL.NO: 0086-535-4622266
Important Notes on application fee payment:
Please spell the beneficiary's name "WU SHI HUA" correctly and in the right order. These are three words, please don't forget to input a space otherwise our bank won't accept it.
 Note: To ensure a smooth transaction we would advise the use of your nearest Bank of China. This reduces the chance of extra fees being incurred. Please advise us via e-mail of your transfer date and name used in the transfer. Also, please ensure that you have transferred enough funds to cover the fees in full, including the transfer fee.
Students who decide that they are unable to stay, or feel the school is not suitable for them, must do so within 3 days of arrival and will then be eligible for a full refund . (The refund will not include the initial application fee of USD50).
Students who have to return to their own country for urgent orimportantfamily/personal reasons will be entitled to resume their training here within half a calendar year at no additional cost. 
Students wishing to terminate their training before the agreed term will be entitled to a partial refund. Forty percent of the remaining fee will be kept by the school to cover Government tax, charges incurred and also for breaking the contract.
Contact list
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Note: we will get back to you at the first time we get your message. If you don't hear from you in the next three days, please email us directly at
Mobile Phone: 0086 155 5353 1211
The phone: 0086-535-4622266
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Ludong University Department of Martial Arts
Yu lin dian, Muping District, Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.
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