Sun De was born in Laiyang,Shandong province in 1949. He started to learn the mantis box from FengqiXu( seventh leader of Laiyang mantis boxing) and took the position of the eighth Laiyang mantis boxing leader when he was 15. He has participated all kind of different authoritative martial arts activities since 1980s and also has published articles in lots of martial arts magazine and newspaper. Now he’s honored as the director of Yantai wanglang mantis boxing research association, the director of Yantai martial arts association mantis boxing branch, consultant of Qingdao laoshan culture research center

Sun Zhibin was born in Yantai in 1978, he has been learning mantis from his father Sun De since he was a child. At present, he holds the position of national first-class referee for martial arts forms and short weapons, first-class coach, vice director of Yantai Martial Arts Referee Committee, the 9 th generation of Taichi mantis.
Headmaster Wu Shi Hua is a successful industrialist in the manufacturing sector, with a factory in Yantai, and an avid scholar of Chinese history and culture. When Kunlun Shan School was offered to him for sale, he could not resist the beautiful campus, and the opportunity to contribute to the preservation and promotion of an under-appreciated aspect of Chinese culture. Since then, he has lived on the campus with his family, running his business from an on-campus office, and paying close attention to the needs of school and students on a daily basis.
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